Arcade space game for training and improving math skills
Spot and hit asteroids on a path of increasing difficulty. Start by recognizing even and odd numbers, continue with positive and negative, deal with concepts of "less than" and "greater than", perform small additions and subtractions on the fly, learn to evaluate the “order of magnitude” of the results, train with the multiplication tables and with the divisions, face the concept of "prime number".
Use missiles and lasers and earn extra ammo, time and points by answering simple quizzes from an alien flying saucer.

Each level must be cleared to progress to the next, but levels can also be played and repeated freely. At the beginning of each level, the definition of the topic addressed is presented with an example of a correct solution and one of an incorrect answer. Piloting occurs by rotating the device, but two buttons can also be used to move the spaceship. In addition to the standard mode, the app can also work in a "facilitated" way. Everything becomes slower, the number of solutions increases, the asteroids do not rotate and can even be "hit" by touching them with a finger.

List of topics addressed:

- Even / Odd
- Positive / Negative
- Less than, Greater than
- Sums
- Subtractions
- Multiplications (times tables from 2 to 10)
- Divisions
- Prime Numbers